Portrayed by Stephen James
Created By N/A
Status NPC
The Basics
Gender Male
Age Ancient
Species Fae
Position The Foreboding
Affiliation Unknown

Fobos is an ancient fae that resides within Affalohn. His full title is Fobos the Foreboding; as he is the fae that is responsible for fear. He is quite possibly one of the oldest as well as the most mysterious of the ancient fae. There is speculation that he likes to dabble in more than just fears, but there has been no concrete evidence to prove that he has had any part in some of the darker things that have happened around Ga'leah.

Order of the Fate Edit

Father of Merlin Edit

It's not actually known what Fobos' real intentions were aside from revenge, when he took the virtue of the virgin Eigyr, the only remaining daughter of the man he went after with a vengencee. It is stories like these that make others wonder what kind of creature Fobos actually is, but there has never been any concrete evidence to actually ever place him in ways that would prove the terrible things that he has been accused of.

In the story of Merlin, Fobos took the form of an incubus and left Eigyr with child. He watched from afar as her life was turned upside down by her budding pregnancy. He was certain that the people of the church that had protected her would soon turn on her after learning of her treachery- bringing even more shame to her family's name, once and for all. He watched in awe as his son was born, a devilish looking creature that he was actually quite proud of-- until the darkness was cleansed from him. After Merlin's baptism, Fobos declared to himself that he would not interfere in saving the child from his most certain deminse, the darkness, fear and evil had been washed away from him, which Fobos saw as the only part of himself within the boy as being wiped away. Merlin was no longer his son as the fair skinned, blue-eyed baby in Fobos' eyes.

He no longer took an interest in the infant and returned to Affalohn to take his place among the Order. He knows little of the current state of his son, nor does he care to learn of the powerful half-fae that he took part in creating.