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Status Active or NPC
The Basics
Gender Male/Female/Non-Binary
Age ##
Species Unknown
Position Job/Career
Affiliation Unknown

The God of the Sun, Helios the Lightgiver is one of the main Pantheon of gods and twin brother to Selene the Moon Maiden. His most common physical form is that of a young man with the body of a warrior, blonde curly hair, and brilliant blue eyes the color of a clear sky, most often wearing nothing more than a simple subligaria.

His power is directly connected to the sun he controls above, drawing energy from the burning star as much as he guides it in its path through the heavens above. As such, the Lightgiver is at his strongest during the daylight hours, when it is near impossible to fully exhaust the god even in the wake of the Walking Starvation. Once the sun disappears beneath the horizon, however, the god is cut away from its restoring properties, and the only energy available to him is that which he stored up during the daytime. If caution is not exercised, he can be reduced to no stronger than a mere mortal during the night, his power and his strength unable to be restored until the dawn of the next day. For this, Helios is most boastful and bold during his reign when the sun is high overhead. When his sister is in control and the moon hangs high above, he is more cautious and wary of those around him, for though he will not admit to it, he is at his weakest during the night.

For above all else, the Lightgiver is a proud, proud deity, one that refuses to admit to weakness, fear, or defeat.